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Nothing is more important than your family's health! Your Provider Search, powered by Optum HealthAllies, is a simple, hassle-free way to find participating providers in your area. Based on the program in which you are currently enrolled, simply choose the appropriate health discount below and enter your city/state or zip code to find a provider. Show your health discount card containing the Optum HealthAllies logo at the time of your appointment.

Your card cannot be used in conjunction with your insurance plan, if you have one. However, you can use your card to save on health and wellness purchases that are not covered by insurance.

Please note that you may not have access to all health discounts provided in the search below. If you have any questions regarding which benefits you have access to, please call Member Services at 1-800-251-0003.

Questions about your provider search?

Call 1-800-251-0003 toll-free.

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To find a a participating provider in your area, click on the "Try It" link and then choose a category and specialty, then type in your ZIP code.

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